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Thea Steen 1989-2016

I write this in english because I have many people from different countries reading my blog.

I just want to write something about a very, very important thing, that involves every single women out there.

We need to check ourself, every third year at the gynecologist, because we can get something, called cervical cancer. Its more regular then you think.

Cervical cancer is a cancer arising from the cervix. It is due to the abnormal growth of cells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Early on, typically no symptoms are seen.

They say that you should check every third year, from the age of 25. I did! And Im so glad I did. I had cell division, grade 3, and thats how cancer developes.

The doctor told me, that if I didnt find out when I did, I would get cancer in a couple of years.

That scared the hell out of me. Very quick, I got an operation, where I removed the damaged cells that were spreading.

Im so glad I checked this when I did, and now I have to check myself every year, because theres a bigger chance for me to get it back, since I had it before. But I feel safe. Safe because I know they take care of it.

Thea Steen was a beautiful, norwegian girl. She checked herself at the gynecologist at the age of 25, and she got the worst message you can have; she had cervical cancer.

That beautiful, beautiful girl, that just had started her life as an journalist, moved to New York to live her dreams, and then this message that turned everything upside down.

She checked herself at the age of 25, and she was already sick. So why does the doctors and gynecologists says that you should start to check yourself at the age of 25? Why not earlier?

Thats what Thea asked too. Why not earlier? If she had checked herself at a younger age, she wouldnt be sick. She could have removed the damaged cells, and the cell division, like I did.

I should also have checked myself earlier, then I wouldnt be at stage 3 with my cell division. Because thats pretty close from there, to cancer. But I was lucky. Thea was not.

So Thea Steen, the engaged and caring girl, used all her time and energy on a campaign she made. Its called; "check yourself."

She made commercials and a campaign with many celebrities in Norway, to get as many girls as possible to check themself at the gynecologist.

Even though she was sick, she used all her energy on prevent other girls to get in the same situation as herself.

And she did! The campaign worked. Never, ever had so many girls checked there selves from cell division! And many hundreds of them had cell division, and was at the early stage at develope cancer. Cervical cancer. Just like I was.

She won an award, for getting so many girls to check themselves.

Thea saved many lifes.

Its so sad that she couldnt save her own. Her cancer spread to other parts of the body. July 17 she passed away.

Her campaign was so engaging. I followed her, and I admired her for what she did. She helped others, when she was so sick herself.

This campaign has engaged me, maybe more than others, because I almost came in the same situation myself. I was just lucky. So thats why its so important to check yourself! Do it! Its no big of a deal! But it can be if you dont check yourself!

Thank you Thea. For everything you did. Beautiful, beautiful girl.

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    Ja, jeg fler jeg str p hodet om dagen faktisk. Opp ned. Alt er snudd, og jeg fler jeg ser verden med litt andre yne for tiden.


    Jeg er ikke trist. Ikke glad heller. Et sted midt imellom. Jeg fler jeg flyter litt rundt. Litt p stedet hvil. Hva skjer n? Hvor skal jeg bo? Nr? Hva? Hvor?


    Og burde jeg vrt mer trist? Er jeg kald? Eller vil jeg f en reaksjon senere? Eller er det bare slik jeg vil fle? Kanskje ting skal vre slik?


    Jeg har valgt dette selv. Og jeg str for valget mitt. Det kunne blitt gjort p en bedre mte. Men det er gjort.


    Jeg vil se fremover. Aldri bakover. Matheo fr hundre prosent fokus. Han er mitt alt. Og om hele min verden str p hodet, er det han som fr meg ned p jorda igjen.

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