Im in love. (Stine Ailin)
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Im in love.

Again. Help me. Whats wrong with me? I mean it. There must be something wrong with me. Im gonna be single for at least 1 year. Promise! I promised my family! And everyone else.

But Im in love. So stupid. He makes me happy. He makes me laugh so much. It tickles everywhere. And as long as Im happy, AND single, it doesn't count right? Then Im actually single but a little happy.

And thats ok. Im not letting anyone in to my heart yet. Only Matheo.

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    Henriette Celin13.09.2016 kl.14:21

    Det er lov å være forelsket da. Det er jo en så herlig følelse <3
    Stine Ailin13.09.2016 kl.14:25

    Henriette Celin: jeg vet. Men jeg må holde igjen. Men så herlig følelse ja! <3 ønsker deg en fin tirsdag fine deg!
    Henriette Celin13.09.2016 kl.15:47

    SV: Ønsker deg det samme <3

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